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Posted by on Oct 25, 2016 in Fitness |

How can you get nutritious meal for pregnant ladies?

How can you get nutritious meal for pregnant ladies?

Many women eat more than required at the time of pregnancy. Women generally give an excuse that they have been eating for two people on the occasion. There is no doubt in the fact that more calories are needed at the time of pregnancy. However, it may be required as body looks for more calcium, protein and iron. Through careful planning, issues can be avoided from the pregnancy process completely. In this way, mother and baby may get necessary amount of nutrient also.


By eating for two persons, weight of the pregnant lady may be skyrocketed. Medical professional may offer all the possible information related to the nutrition. If the mother does not gain too much weight then losing weight after pregnancy may become easy. In this way, possibility of carrying the weight till the time a baby starts school can be avoided.

Meals of A Nutrient Dense Nature

  • Cracker made out of the whole wheat is generally preferred for the mother-to-be as a snack. In addition, mother can also take tuna fish with the company of mayonnaise of low fat nature. For the crunch, bell peppers and carrots can be tried also.  Cheese stick in addition to yogurt can be an excellent choice for development of bone as the ingredients contain a lot of calcium. For both the baby and mother, these ingredients are very important.
  • A combination of dried fruits and nuts is a good choice of nutritious food for the pregnant ladies. Fiber can be added to meal with bit of popcorn and Chex. Flavors are generally added to the popcorn with sprinkle of little parmesan. In this way, body can be maintained during pregnancy. Nutritious snack can be made easily in this fashion.
  • Over both yogurt and fresh fruits, you can use granola of low fat nature. Cereals with high fiber can be a good choice for the occasion. Boredom with the food can be avoided easily in the process.
  • Soy or vegetable burgers must be created with cheddar cheese, leafy vegetables like spinach, tomatoes along with some onions and whole-wheat bun. Sweet potatoes can be placed on the microwave. Later on, you can add walnuts and cinnamon upon it. Lots of Omega-3 fatty acids can be supplied to the body in the process.
  • Salad is a healthy choice during pregnancy also. A mix of green can be developed with amalgamation of beans, garbanzo, spinach, tomatoes and carrots. Some nuts can be added upon it for fiber. Chicken breasts are generally cut in to strips and offered to the lady. Croutons can be eaten with preferred nuts like cashews, walnuts and sunflower seeds.

Things to avoid

Some foods cannot be taken by ladies at the time of pregnancy. Due to alteration in the immune system, body can be affected by a disease quite easily. Stomach complication can lead serious issues during this time. Therefore, pregnant ladies must consume foods like eggs, sushi and unpasteurized juices.

By following advice regarding nutrition advice related to the pregnant ladies, it may be possible to deliver the baby on time without any hassle.

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